Monday, October 31, 2011

Off The Bandwagon, Again

After yesterday's loss to the Steelers, Shank is, until the next winning streak, off the Patriots bandwagon:
PITTSBURGH - Watching the Patriots beat the Steelers at Heinz Field used to be one of those certainties of life, like Tom Menino carrying Hyde Park or Springsteen selling out the Meadowlands in less than an hour. In the immortal words of Pedro Martinez, the Patriots were the Steelers’ daddies.

No more. The Steelers spanked your football team yesterday, walking out of the Big Ketchup Bottle with a 25-17 victory that felt like a blowout.

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Monkeesfan said...

Shank got joined off the bandwagon by quite a few others - listening to people rip Belichick's drafting prowess (ignoring Andy Gresh's point that cornerback has become a transitory position with fewer than half of the corners drafted the last six-plus seasons still with their original team). When the Patriots string together another streak, Shank will of course be buying tickets to Indianapolis in January 2012.

BTW, will Shank write a piece on how the Patriots' receiving corps has not been able to cobble together a true deep threat since the Randy Moss trade?