Monday, May 31, 2010


Shank offers up a by-the-numbers Celtics - Lakers column, the proforma walk down memory lane. One spot-on, relevant Celtics reference is noted:

Winning a second one is important to every Celtics team. Less than an hour after the Celtics defeated the Magic in Game 6 Friday night, a reporter asked coach Doc Rivers, “Does it almost take a second championship with the group to cement yourself in history — because of all the winning that’s come before you?’’

Ever media friendly, never disposed to ignore the obvious (imagine how Bill Belichick would have handled that question), Rivers admitted, “Obviously, one is special, but the other groups have a couple and we’d like to join that club.’’

Great answer. Honest. It demonstrates that Rivers is capable of thinking like a fan.
For Shank, the fact that he's only shitting on Belichick every fifth column is a sign of progress. Readers, rejoice!

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Anonymous said...

example #3,453 of how Shank thinks it's all ABOUT HIM. "ever media friendly" Shank that's the most important thing. That coaches and athletes kiss his rear end.....and of course the gratuitous Patriots/Belichick cheap shot.....God, this hack is so predictable