Tuesday, May 18, 2010


That's the way Shank describes last night's Red Sox loss to the Yankees.

The 2010 Red Sox sank to a new low last night when Jonathan Papelbon surrendered a pair of two-run homers in the bottom of the ninth in an excruciating 11-9 loss to the Yankees. The late-night implosion erased a noble comeback in which the Sox recovered from a 6-1 deficit (next bus to Lake Wobegon for you, Dice-K) to take a 9-7 lead on five home runs in the Bronx bandbox.

Seasons are defined on nights like this and it looks like these Red Sox might be remembered as the Lost Boys of 2010. With almost a quarter of the season gone, Run Prevention has morphed into Win Prevention. This is the latest the Sox have been under .500 in a season since Nomar Garciaparra was a rookie in 1997.
Run prevention, shaky pitching, losing close / winnable games - Shank has plenty to write about all summer.

UPDATE at 1:14 P.M. - Deadspin piles on again.

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Your previous post The Curse of Bobby Orr touched on a fundamental truth about The Shank = The Blame Game Expert.

Why is The Shank so good at The Game?

"Some psychiatric conditions are closely linked with the blame game. People with social disorders, for example, may be tempted to blame other people for their failures or struggles with society, and the blame game is especially closely linked with bipolar disorder. People who deal with individuals who have such conditions on a daily basis may be offered training or support to help them deal with the blame game and other issues which may arise when interacting with the mentally ill.

The blame game is also common in politics, a field in which people tend to take credit for success while minimizing failure. Politicians tend to relish an opportunity to pass on blame for a catastrophic failure to a rival"