Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Curse Of Bobby Orr

That's the suggested title of Shank's next book, to which he's just added the latest chapter:

The Grapes of Wrath or the Wrath of Grapes?

Only the Bruins could lose a 3-0 lead twice in the same series.

Only the Bruins could lose a Game 7 on a power-play goal after getting called for too many men on the ice.

Are you kidding me? Watching the Bruins blow a series on a too-many-men penalty is like watching the 2010 Red Sox lose a one-game playoff on a homer hit by a guy named Bucky.
How original - yet another Red Sox reference in a non-Red Sox column! Proof positive that Shank doesn't (as he stated some years ago) write for the fans, he writes to irritate the fans.

The rest of the article is standard Shank. Targets abound in the blame game - players, coaching, management. The best low blow Shank bestows on any manager is the Claude Julien comparison to Grady Little. Nary a word of blame, however, is placed on owner Jeremy Jacobs, legendary cheapskate.


Anonymous said...

Of course Dopey Dan is not going to say a thing about Jacobs!

The guy may live in Buffalo, but he's got a long reach, and a rep for settling scores.

Shank would wind up covering Little League for a supermarket shopper up in Bangor if he messes with Mr J....

Monkeesfan said...

I'm curious as to the scores Jeremy Jacobs has "settled" over the years.

Anonymous said...

How come we don't see more about the curse of Orr though? We had the curse of the Bambino for 86 years with all kinds of wierd circumstances. Now we've got 38 years and counting and no cup since the Bruins traded Orr and we've had lights out in the garden, collosal collapes and the Bruins have pretty much taken over where the Redsox left off.