Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I Love Cleveland

Expecting a column on last night's Celtics win over the Cavaliers, and the first good game from Rasheed Wallace since joining the team, we are instead treated to Shank's new favorite city:

CLEVELAND — I love this town.

That’s right. Cleveland. You call it “The Mistake By the Lake.’’ You make it a punch line for every Rust Belt joke.

Not me. I call it a once-great American city in need of a comeback . . . and a championship, of course.

No fooling. Cleveland is great. It’s got a real downtown. It’s got clean, wide streets that are (unfortunately) never crowded with traffic nor people. Cleveland’s got cab drivers who speak English and know their way around town. Many of them remember when Jim Brown toted the pigskin for the Browns and when Rocky Colavito hit majestic homers for the Tribe.
It's a decent article but would have been better timed between Games 1 and 2.


Scott K said...

It was published between Games 1 and 2...that was on yesterday morning.

Roger Bournival said...

Thanks, Scott - I normally just check his archive page, not the rest of, and that date's kind of a giveaway as well. My bad...

Anonymous said...

Nice racist touch from Shank concerning immigrants who drive cabs....

On the bright side, perhaps a paper in Arizona can find a use for this sad dope!