Sunday, May 09, 2010

Panic Button

After the Red Sox got clobbered again by the Yankees on Saturday, 14 - 3, Shank unloads on the front office:

I don’t want to panic or overreact, but is it possible the Red Sox season is already over?
If Shank didn't panic or overreact, half his columns would disappear.

Was run prevention a giant sack of fool’s gold?

Did Theo Epstein know this might be coming when he talked about the bridge year?

I’m being silly, right? The Sox (ghoulish 14-3 losers to the Yankees yesterday) have played only 31 games, 20 percent of the schedule. In past years we have seen 14-game deficits erased after July 20. There’s tons of time. The season has only just begun.
Thus the tone for the rest of the column is set. We are treated to a few standard Shankisms ('Your Sox', 'Theo and the minions', 'immortal') and lots of doom and gloom with respect to the upcoming road trip. The only thing missing is an explicit 'I told you so' from Shank.

In other words, it's a standard Shank column.

UPDATE at 1:12 PM - Deadspin piles on.


Anonymous said...

Shank is a clown, there is no doubt about that.....but as far as the Sox, it's very simple....look at the lineups of the Yankees and Tampa Bay........then look at the Red Sox lineup.....Theo really did butcher the Sox team.....sorry but this season is OVER....

Objective Bruce said...

Once again Shaughnessy hits the nail squarely on the head, to the dismay of the pink hats, stat geeks and authentic-jersey-wearers who believe the silly nonsense spewed by Theo.

Fact is, free-agent signings by one of the richest teams in baseball have been gravely disappointing, the team doesn't have an ace starter, and they built an offense featuring a now-injured, vastly-overrated, but oh-so-adorable leadoff hitter whose on base percentage is nothing short of horrendous for the position he occupies in the lineup

Translation: Bridge year=we are terrible.

It is difficult to overreact to the depths of this team's misery.

Anonymous said...

relax OB, it's just a game...

Paul said...

"Translation: Bridge year=we are terrible."

What else did you expect it to mean?

Roger Bournival said...

Once again Shaughnessy hits the nail squarely on the head...

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm not), but this is your first such defense of Shank since I took the reins here. I've posted on an approximate 100 Shank columns in that time frame. Compared to prior periods, you haven't said jack squat in sticking up for your fellow Globie.

I agree with you & Shank, though; mostly in the 'broken clock's right twice a day' kind of way.