Monday, January 18, 2010

Ridin' The Shetland Pony

Sunday's Shank Globe column sees Danny Boy riding his high horse to denounce the dishonesty of college coaching, with Lane Kiffin making the jump to USC after one whole year at Tennessee. Shank doesn't like people who have a tangential interest in the process:

"Yahoo towns with nothing else to offer make college football/basketball a local religion with poisonous Booster Clubs...",

"He romances the athletic department, the student population, and the local yahoos (i.e. people who’d buy a book written by Calipari).",

"Losers who catalogue such things (folks who dedicate their lives to ranking 16-year-old offensive linemen) claim Kiffin’s 2010 recruiting class was top-10 material."
Shank also can't stand current Kentucky coach John Calipari, which may have started when Calipari left UMASS - Amherst in the mid 1990's.

Shank has a few kind words for Rick Pitino:
Remember all the lies we got from Pitino when he ran the Celtics? Little Ricky could always make it go away by saying, “That was how I felt at the time.’’
I'd have to see what lies Shank's referring to, but the problem with Pitino was something else. I went to one Pitino-coached Celtics game, and Pitino was yelling at Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce every damn time up & down the court. You can yell like that at college kids, not professional athletes that make double & triple your salary, even accounting for Pitino's hot-shot salary at the time. I was hoping the basketball would somehow wind up in my hands from a bad pass or something, just so I'd have something to throw at Pitino to shut him up.


Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time that CHB has gotten all high and mighty about college coaches' contracts. He went crazy over that coach that left BC. He fails to realize that there is a solution.

There are two parties to a cntract. If colleges wanted to protect themselves. they could by requiring buyouts or other penalties. But they often don't, and they know what they are getting into. If they don't bother to protect themselves, we shouldn't worry.

Anonymous said...

Correct, two parties to a contract, as in sport and spectator.

The "Free Market System"



Monkeesfan said...

Shank had to get a new shetland - seesm the one he was on got busted for drugs - he really was riding a High horse.

That's a joke, Shank! Get it?