Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Confirming The Obvious

Shank weighs in on Sunday's upcoming playoff game between the Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. If you were expecting Shank's standard half-hearted mail-in column, you won't be disappointed:


The X’s and O’s will be dissected and analyzed all week. Deep thinkers of football will make rational predictions based on the strengths and weaknesses of both teams.

Not me.
"Not me." - the deep thinker part or the rational prediction part?


Brian Cummings said...

Awesome! "Boston has X, the opposing team's city has Y"! Ha ha! That, my friends, is groundbreaking Pulitzer stuff. It's a wonder Shank doesn't try cranking out more columns exactly like this. Over and over again.

Bill said...

Beatles, dig at Kraft, dig at Randy Moss, etc. All that was missing was a Larry Bird reference. Put a stamp on it, Danny Boy!