Friday, January 08, 2010

Bandwagon Dan - III

Shank makes a bold prediction for Sunday's Patriots game against the Baltimore Ravens. There's only one problem with that - the Curse of the Shank!


Anonymous said...

Is this the column with the headline,

"Fan base spoiled by victories"
"Stop taking Patriots’ greatness for granted"?? (I don't read his crap)

Ya gotta love it when this ass clown preaches to the fans. #1 it's these media D-bags like Shank who are "spoiled by the victories".....during the regular season no victory was good enough for them. If the Pats win in a blowout (Titans-Jaguars) then those teams suck, "well, it was just the Titans blah-blah-blah"......If the Pats won a close game then the win wasn't impressive enough for them.

This is a typical sports media ploy. Putting words in the fans mouths and speaking for us. My favorite is when they phrase a question like this at a press conference...."well coach, what do you say TO THE FANS who thought you should have gone for it on 4th down??" gutless little twerps.

Bill said...

Danny Boy was licking his chops from the moment Ray Rice broke free and came up with this for Monday's edition:

mike_b1 said...

How many weeks ago was it that The CHB was calling for Belichick's head? And now he tells Pats fans they are spoiled?

Does the "C" in CHB stand for "crazy?" Or "confused?"

Anonymous said...

The Patriots' big loss leaves Shank in a quandary. He's the Globe's go-to guy when a local team implodes, as his habitual laziness always seems to vanish when he has the opportunity to rip people who haven't properly genuflected in his direction. The source of New England's disappointment becomes the source of Shank's glee, as he can try to spin the disappointment of fans into region-wide acceptance of his beliefs that those in his gallery of villains are not just inadequate players, coaches, executives, etc., but indeed truly despicable human beings.

On the other hand, there's the issue of Shank's prediction of a big Patriot's win (as his last column shows, he seemed to think this was essentially the same team that won a handful of Superbowls, not noticing the team's struggles on both sides of the ball; ah, but simply recycling an old narrative is so much easier than working, isn't it?). After all, aren't these pundits supposed to display some wisdom about the subjects they cover? In Shank-world, the answer to that question is "No". Don't be surprised if his grand prediction is given only a passing mention (you see, everyone else has to do work that can be objectively described as successful, but CHB is immune from such requirements) as he rips into the ogre Belichick, the phony Kraft and whatever African-American player(s) du jour he wants to slam as lazy. "Pot, it's Kettle on line 2 for you".

Anonymous said...

Well, my goodness, the hatchet job is already out on the web. In 48 hours, we went from:

"Tom Brady is almost perfect at Gillette Stadium. The last time he lost any home game was back when we still took Eric Mangini seriously......It’s Foxborough in January. Where Tom Brady and the Patriots are unbeatable."


"It was great while it lasted, but even a pigheaded Patriots pigskin buff must acknowledge that the dynasty is over. There was a time, not long ago, when there was a Patriot Way. Now the Patriots have lost their way. They are just another one-and-out playoff team, and not a likable one at that."

Is Shank mentally-challenged, or just utterly lacking in scruples or self-respect? How does he remain employed?