Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not That He's Bitter Or Anything

Enough of the human interest stories! Today, we must vent our spleens!

INDIANAPOLIS - It’s always about us, and therefore this AFC Championship game must be viewed through the prism of Patriot Place.



Any way both of these teams can lose today?

Let’s start with the ugly dateline. The AFC Championship game is being played at Lucas Oil (Can Boyd) Stadium in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, the heart of the heartland. That’s a big bowl of wrong. We all know this game should be played annually at the Razor off Route 1 in Foxborough.
And on it goes. Apparently it's not a bad enough game for Shank not to go to Lucas Oil (Can Boyd) Stadium. Read on to see what people and things Shank hates. It's the abbreviated list...


HeavyD said...

I like that he's using "us," and is once again part of the fan base he so loves to offend.

Anonymous said...

The first time I read "Lucas Oil (Can Boyd) Stadium" in one of his columns last year was the last time I read one of his columns.

James said...

As a Midwesterner, Dan can stay out on the East Coast, thank you VERY much.