Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dan's Next Column?

The Big Lug endorses Scott Brown for U.S. Senate.

And why not? Shank manages a 'blowhard' reference about Schilling in his latest CNN / SI column. And what's with Shank's green hair? Is St. Patrick's Day early this year?


Mr. Beautiful said...

A man can drown in three feet of water. Whatever that's supposed to mean!

mike_b1 said...

The CHB could drown in three inches of typewriter ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Poor Shank, the real Boston Blowhard, got himself cut down to size over at Joe Posnanski's blog:

Joe Pos was pretty nice to the CHB, and even spoke well of his writing, then used cold hard facts to show up Dopey Dan.

Good stuff!

mike_b1 said...

I found Joe Pos' description of The CHB as his "semi-colleague" overly generous. "Semi-human" is more apt.

Baseball Prospectus went through the Jack Morris record and has debunked the notion that Morris "pitched to the score."

And for the record, those stat geeks consistently find Edgar Martinez was less valuable than Lou Gehrig and Rogers Hornsby.

Per usual, The CHB fabricates a position to make a point. His ancestors -- I still find it amazing he found anyone willing to sleep with him -- will face the shame similar to those who thought the world was flat, or that the sun revolved around the earth.