Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shank On Steroids

Yesterday's Globe column gets Shank into 'Roid Rage, bemoaning all the cheating during the 'steroid era'.

Dan asks thew following question:

Which brings us to the Hall of Fame ballot. What is a voter to do? Baseball asks writers to factor “character’’ and “integrity’’ when considering candidates.
As Shank is one who casts a HOF ballot, you'd think we'd see his opinion on how he intends to vote, correct? Good luck finding it in this column.

Throw in a shot at Red Sox owner (Shank calls him childish for taking David Ortiz at his word; naive / disingenuous may have been better descriptors), and we're good on the Globe column quota until the weekend.


x said...

I'm sure you will ge to it, but today's column is another beauty. So Dan is bashing college head coaches and their lack of commitment. Okay, fine. Maybe he's right. For every Bowden and Paterno, there are 3 Sabans. We get it. But my favorite line:

"Losers who catalogue such things (folks who dedicate their lives to ranking 16-year-old offensive linemen) claim Kiffin’s 2010 recruiting class was top-10 material."

Hmmm. So let's see if I get this straight. People who's job it is to publish written thoughts and ideas that are of enough interest to people whol will read it are classified as "idiots." I'm not sure what the difference is between someone ranking college recruits for publication and a newspaper columnist. Well, except in the case of CHB, the losers he cites are actually, you know, using facts and/or doing analysis.

Being a tool since 1980.

mike_b1 said...

Yeah, I'm trying to remember if The CHB still works at the Baltimore Sun? Hmmmm...guess not.

News flash: People leave jobs for better ones all the time.