Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Height of Laziness

Dan's start to spring training wasn't very auspicious. And he followed with some real lazy efforts.

Today's might top them all for sheer laziness. He puts forth a premise (Lester facing off against Santana after the winter trade talks) and does absolutely nothing with it. To understand the level of Dan's laziness, you need to know only one thing: Dan used over one-third of his column to print a single, uninterrupted quotation from Theo Epstein.

I liked this bit, though:

"That's the way it is with a lot of fan/media topics. We get wound up in irony, coincidence, and ancillary issues while the people doing the job on the field rarely give it any thought."

No "we" Dan, just lazy sportswriters and sportsradio hosts who would prefer silly storylines and made up BS to actually analyzing what happens on the field.


Monkeesfan said...

You mean, the old Shank is back after a hiatus as reasonably good writer Shank?


Anonymous said...

and Shank mails yet another one "Boston Globe" of him...lazy hack

dbvader said...

Christ, I want to scream this from the mountaintops. SHANK USED A THIRD OF HIS COLUMN SPACE FOR A SINGLE, UNINTERRUPTED QUOTATION. Where is he using any of his discretion as a columnist to provide the relevant points? How is this brave? If he wanted to quote Epstein so extensively, he should have posted it in a blog. It in no way is good writing or good journalism. Joe Sullivan is going to get an angry email for this terrible piece of writing.