Monday, March 24, 2008

A Couple of History Lessons and a Few Observations

Apparently, Dan spent his week off before the Tokyo trip pouring through baseball history books and writing up a couple of recaps for the Baseball Preview. The first is a look through baseball history at 'colorful' baseball managers. The second is a look through the Red Sox Media Guide basically listing Red Sox managers with a few of the obvious observations thrown in.

Today, Dan has his observations from a few days in Japan. They are pretty good, if written in a stilted manner. And as an added bonus, Dan's Larry Bird reference is actually funny:

"Tipping just isn't done in Tokyo. Waiters, cab drivers, and housekeepers expect to get stiffed. It's the anti-New York experience. Larry Bird would love the place."

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sportsreporter16 said...

How do I get a job like Dan's? As a professional journalist I'm simply agog at what the Globe lets him get away with. Any of my editors would've drilled me a new hooha!