Saturday, February 16, 2008

Red Sox: All Day and All Night

Dan writes in disbelief that the Red Sox sprint training workouts are being now aired on NESN. The only thing missing from today's column are shots at the grown men wearing Schilling jerseys and/or tuning in from Ma's basement. On the other hand, we are treated to a shot at Schilling's blog for the umpteenth time--Shaughnessy is forever fixated on the Big Lug and it is going to be a sad day when Schilling retires. Wouldn't it be nice if they rode into the sunset together?

Dan uses the column again as a vehicle to show how wildly popular the Red Sox have become but he suggests that the whole experience will be hollow. In my mind, it boils down to economics - supply and demand. NESN wouldn't do this unless they felt there was a demand for it. I am sure a lot of New Englanders (after a cold winter and continued talk of Spygate) will tune in to feast on the first signs of spring. After all, there is a magical element to spring training. If the numbers don't pan out, they won't do it anymore--it's really as simple as that.

Basically, standard Shaughnessy fare...Dan's article is replete with all the Shaughnessy classics - references to parades in Groton; the digs on Schilling and other wonderful cultural references. CHB elevates his hipness quotient by suggesting that the Sox are more popular than Hannah Montana. I liked that one.


paul said...

Does Shank really believe that Sox fans are going to be huddled around their TV sets to watch Spring Training like he did during the moon landing? And PFP is actually more watchable than the fishing shows and infomercials they show on NESN when nothing's going on.

Another tired shot at Schilling and his blog. I'm surprised that he actually knew what the "blogophere" is. (He probably asked one of his kids).

What is Dan going to do when Schilling is gone next year? There are other members on the Red Sox who engage in such uncouth activities like hunting, blogging and *gasp* voting Republican. Will he go after them like he did Schilling?

Anonymous said...

When Schilling is gone, CHB will just find another target. It's always somebody.

Right now, it's Red Sox fans. Look, CHB, not everyone can make it to Florida like you can. There are people living in northern New England who will NEVER get there, who are neck-deep in snow, who are looking forward to baseball season, and who will enjoy getting a look at blue skies, palm trees, and their ballplayers. It's not that difficult to understand, even for your pea brain.

Every time I think CHB can't get any worse, he offers up a POS column like this one.

Anonymous said...

The co-host for this show today?

None other than Mr Dan himself.

Dave M said...

The co-host? Why doesnt that surprise me?

Anonymous said...

They had a revolving band of co-hosts.

Dan had the first quarter of the program, Sean McAdam took a piece, Gordon Edes had a quarter or so, etc.

Dirty Water said...

A blog dedicated to exposing The Pisant?

Oh, sweet

Anonymous said...

CHB really has no shame. Rip the Sox, the fans, and NESN, then go on the show. He couldn't hide how pissy he felt about the whole thing, though. Offered not one word of insight (unsurprisingly).

In contrast, Edes was refreshingly cheerful. I enjoyed his story about Michael Bowden and his 4,500-calories-a-day diet. Great stuff.

Of course, CHB wouldn't know Michael Bowden if the kid hit him in the head with an errant throw.

ObjectiveBruce said...

I thought it was pretty funny. It is bizarre to be showing practice on cable television. Probably more bizarre to watch it as anything other than a stop while clicking around.

As for Schilling and his blog, it's fascinating how when the news about The Great Schill isn't good, he's always getting scooped.

PJ said...

Wow - second MASH reference in a week! For a show that went off the air in 1983. But am I surprised?

I bet he doesn't mind how big Red Sox Nation has grown when it's time to sell some of his books.

Anonymous said...

Shaughnessy's right-this is ridiculous. And the sycophantic Red Sox fans who actually patronize this nonsense need to seriously get lives.


A Red Sox Fan With Better Things To Do Than Watch Workouts

Anonymous said...


Did you actually watch any?

The show was mostly interviews and commentary with the camera pointed at the fields.

For a lot of the time, they weren't even talking about the workouts, they were interviewing Bruce Hurst, or talking about who the fifth starter will be etc.

I actually found myself wanting *more* explanation and commentary on the workouts.