Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Case You Weren't Paying Attention...

Daisuke Matsuzaka cost a lot of money. We should be thankful that we have Dan to remind us.

Dan has the game recap, and because of the time difference, Dan can actually write about the game instead of taking the lazy route and writing some generic piece before the game then shoehorning a couple of paragraphs about the game in the column.

Even with the extra time, Dan cannot avoid his usual tired subjects and odd references. Not only does he repeat the "$103 million man" bit, but there is a Grady Little reference out of nowhere (his reception would not be lukewarm, anyways), the use of the word "homies", and Dan brings General MacArthur into it. A terribly written piece, completely without flow and filled with one or two sentence paragraphs such as this one"

"Dustin Pedroia opened the season with a single up the middle on an 0-and-1 pitch, but the Sox failed to score.



Monkeesfan said...

Shank harps about how much money Daisuke cost the Red Sox - so what is Shank's point? That the Red Sox wasted $100-plus million on him? Shank, if you want to make that argument, then make it - cite something substantive, like inconsistency in his pitches, his apparant fear of throwing fastballs in the strike zone, something. Stop dropping cheap references about how much Matzusaka cost the Red Sox if you oppose him being part of the Sox rotation.

And comparing the former PM of Japan throwing out the ceremonial first pitch with Grady Little? Tony Maz, Sean McAdam, and any other remaining Gradiacs may love the reference, but the rest of us are baffled by it.

Sheesh, I can't wait to read Shank's take on the 5-1 drubbing the Sox took in Game #2 - will Shank make any reference to Jon Lester's salary or launch some cheapshots at Theo Epstein's ability to construct a baseball team?

dbvader said...

Good point, monkeesfan. That has always been Dan's MO. Address every topic with sarcasm and irony rather than offer and substantive insight. Dan likes it because he doesn't have to be accountable. It is never certain what he really means and Dan can always react to complaints by claiming that is not what he meant.