Friday, March 28, 2008

Holy Crap - More Time Travel

For those of you who thought that Dan might finally break free from writing about the rigors and effects of time travel, think again. It's all there again and then some. Time travel has become Dan's most recent obsession, so much so that one has to wonder if it has bumped Curt Schilling down a peg on the CHB-obsession meter. (If I am counting right, there was only one dig at Schilling all week).

Should we really expect anything more than this from Dan? He did ride over and back on the airplane with these guys right? So you might think he would get a more penetrating perspective from some of the players on their thoughts on the trip but instead we are treated to a number of "We feel okay" standard stock quotes (Wakefield: "I'm ok"; Ortiz: "I felt ok"; Francona: "I feel ok") probably because none of the players care to talk to him.

Of course, we don't expect anything more than this from our friend Shank. Given that, let us count our blessings because:

- Shank didn't complain about the effects of time travel on his ability (or lack thereof) to write and meet deadline

- He didn't complain about the price of water in Japan

- He didn't complain about not receiving a $40K bonus about to travel to Japan

- He only got one shot in at Schilling (I apologize if I missed one or two - I have learned to ignore them over time)

I am sure all this writing and travel was very hard on Dan. Will be interesting to see if he has to take a week off to recover when they get back to Boston.


dbvader said...

Be sure to check out Dan's Notebook.

Drew didn't play the two "official" games against the Oakland A's

"He's shooting for the next "real" game

Not need for quotations. The games in Japan were official.

Chris said...

I wonder if Shaughnessy's boss will have this headline at the ready when Shaughnessy presents his Tokyo expense report:

"The newspaper industry has experienced the worst drop in advertising revenue in more than 50 years."

It will be fun watching ObtuseBruce come here and 'rationalize' this away.