Thursday, August 24, 2006

Brewing Manny

The innuendos and related tripe Shaughnnessy flings toward Manny for a variety of imagined slights are made interesting only by the uncovering of this May 30, 2004, column, in which The CHB compared Ramirez to Mr. Coffee himself, Joe DiMaggio.

In it, Shaughnessy notes:

* Both were [sic] the strong, silent type.
* Both are shy and would never brag.
* Both were [sic] Hall of Fame ballplayers.
* Both played through injuries. [!!]
* Both were mysterious superstars. Biographers were never able to get a handle on either.

He also wrote, "Both accepted the calls of umpires without complaining." Either Shaughnessy forgot he wrote that [as if!], or perhaps believes that doesn't extend to official scorers.


Anonymous said...

If Shaughnessy truly believes that no biographer was able to provide a revealing glimpse at Joe DiMaggio's life, then he's obviously never heard of Richard Ben Cramer's "The Hero's Life."

It's meticulously researched and well-written, and it basically exposed Joe D as a miserable, petty skinflint who wouldn't participate in old timer's games unless being introduced before the game as "The Greatest Living Player."

The book generated a lot of buzz when it came out, so Shaughnessy either didn't like it, has some sort of axe to grind with Cramer, or is just completely clueless.

Beth said...

wait till you see today's steaming bucket of cat piss.

Anonymous said...

CHB has to finish these columns after night classes, give the guy a break!

Anonymous said...

this website is a joke. shaughnessy is one of the few boston writers who have the balls to call players out. most of the others are just fans with a forum. of course shaughnessy has made his share of mistakes, but he's still one of the better writers in town. you can have your fanboy tony mazz, steve buckley, and the rest of the ballwashing punks if you'd like. i'll keep reading them all and remembering that shaughnessy, with all his flaws, would stick his neck out further than any of them. this site is TIRED.

koot said...

Yea, Dan's a real big man.

Read Johnny Damon's book. He talks about how "Brave" Dan was the only writer who had the nerve to write an article about how Nomar needed to be traded. He was so brave.

He really showed how brave he was when he didn't return to the Boston clubhouse until after Nomar was traded, two weeks later. What a big man! He can talk all this trash, but, I guess he knows when to run and hide too. I wish I was as brave as Dan Shaughnessy. I think that proves, without a doubt, that Dan has no integrity and isn't really a man.

The Chief said...

It would be helpful, anon, if The CHB were right on occasion. But he's not. Worse, he's not looking at any of this objectively. Manny blows him off, and Dan's reaction is, "Well, I'll show that Mexican who's king around here."

Anonymous said...

as i said, he has his problems. i don't know anything about that clubhouse issue other than what people with an agenda say about it. what would dan have even been afraid of? was nomar going to fight him? lol. i think you're believing only what you want to believe.
i can see for myself, in the columns, that dan is not some fanboy when it comes to local teams. like i said, he sticks his neck out further than the rest of them. that is going to lead to mistakes sometimes, i'm sure. he's not a journalist, he's not just reporting facts. he is essentially writing a sports oriented op-ed piece. once you guys realize that, you can begin to appreciate him.

btw, i don't think dan is under any illusions as to "who is king" in the boston area. he knows he's unpopular. he could change his ways and bring out the pom-poms, but he's got at least some integrity, which is more than can be said about a lot of boston writers.

fadedredsoxhat said...

Nobody has said that CHB is a fanboy. He doesn't even like people so how can he be a fanboy.

The Chief said...

anon, you should look back at my Dan-isms pieces. Integrity? As a front-runner, the CHB is as notorious as they come. He loved Clemens, he hated Clemens, he loved Clemens. He hated Ortiz, he loved Ortiz. He loved Pedro, he hated Pedro. He loved Schilling, he hated Schilling, he loved Schilling (sort of). Pick a player, pick a team. It goes on and on.

He has no integrity. He has no guts. A good op-ed starts with facts. Dan starts with an opinion, and tries to bend the "facts" (as he sees them) to fit what can only loosely be called his thesis. It's a fraudulent way to write a column.