Sunday, January 01, 2006


It is well known that Dan Shaughnessy can spin garbage into gold. He pulls off that every time he gets paid for a column. But have you ever wondered what you can spin "Dan Shaughnessy" into?

Here's 19 of the best anagrams (Danagrams?) for "Dan Shaughnessy." I like no. 9; which is your favorite?

1. She shuns gay Dan
2. He’s sunny, had gas (Ed.: well, maybe the second part)
3. Sung a shady hens
4. A sun shy hags den
5. A hang ends hussy
6. Shag a nuns hydes
7. A hun ends shy gas
8. Any gas ends hush
9. He an ass-shy dung
10. Gnashed a shy sun
11. Hand say, He’s snug
12. Handy ass he sung
13. He shun gassy Dan (Ed.: right on!)
14. Dan says he’s hung (Ed.: yeah, right)
15. Hush, Danny gases
16. He has sandy guns
17. Shy as ashen dung
18. Hey - shun Dan’s gas
19. End hush, nag says


Anonymous said...

i like 9 and 11, which is probably apropos, that is, if he has small hands :-)

Anonymous said...

Ironic that a windbag like Shaughnessy is an anagram for gas.