Monday, January 02, 2006

No Scoops for Vanilla Dan

When was the last time the CHB actually broke a story? Recall that in his most talked about piece of last year, the CHB insisted later that the gist of the story was already "out there."

So while Dan seems to have a Batphone to Dr. Charles Steinberg's desk, it's up to Red Sox beat writers Gordon Edes and Chris Snow to supply the hot news. Heck, even Bob Hohler broke his share while he was on the beat -- and he seemingly couldn't wait to be reassigned.

Today, in his monthly non Red Sox piece, Dan tells us the Pats threw their game against Miami yesterday. Well, maybe they did and maybe they didn’t. And by stating as much he’s simply voicing what all the talk shows were saying anyway.

I guess a few inside scoops are too much too ask for from the Globe's lead columnist.

Bad metaphor watch: “It almost looked like intentional grounding . . . or something Matt Clement threw against the White Sox in the playoffs.” What, you couldn’t come up with a football reference? Like, perhaps, “ or something Flutie threw against the Jets last week.”


Objective Bruce said...

These ramblings just grow more and more pathetic. Anyone who wondered what people would do with their free time after video arcades started dropping off the landscape now has a pretty good idea.

The Chief said...

Don't have much of a choice, Dan, not since the Gremlin died in the driveway.