Sunday, January 22, 2006

Snow Job

Dan's trashing of Theo Epstein isn't 48 hours old and already his fellow Globe writers are taking shots at his Friday column.

Recall that on Friday the CHB described a Boston front office steeped in chaos and confusion. Of course, issuing blanket statements with no supporting evidence is a Shaughnessy hallmark. Wonder what he thinks of Chris Snow's excellent rebuttal today, for which he interviewed several parties including uber-agent Scott Boras, Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi and San Diego GM Kevin Towers and found them all singing the praises of Boston management over the past three months.

Say what? On Friday Dan claimed an "an inside look at how it works over at Fenway these days." Yet several paragraphs later, he allows that "For the record, this 17 percent cartel correspondent has not spoken with Lucchino, Epstein, or Dr. Charles Steinberg since before Christmas." I guess that's Dan's way of saying his column is his work, and not a plant by one of the Sox officers. What's startling, though, is the admission by the Globe's lead sports columnist to being out of the loop with most of the key Sox officials. That's nothing to be proud of.

Big Mac attack. On Saturday, Jackie MacMullen called for Esptein to publicly explain his actions over the past three months. I'm sure that Ms. MacMullen would do and has done the same every time she changed or considered changing jobs. Epstein is an employee of a private company, not an elected official. His relationship with his employer is none of our business.


Steve said...

I think MacMullen's expectations are totally unreasonable. Why are we owed an explanation by Theo? How is getting an explanation out there going to help Theo or help the Red Sox? Personnel matters and personal conflicts are much better kept private. Players and managers understand that the stuff that goes on in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse - and the reasons behind that are obvious. I don't see why it should be any different with the Theo thing.

Jackie (and the rest of us) might want an explanation, but, seriously, what good would it do us? More importantly, what good would it do the Red Sox organization?

I would much rather see a successful Red Sox team instead of another hot stove story, no matter how juicy it might be. I realize Jackie and other journalists need to put the juicy story first, but in this case I hope we don't get it.

The Chief said...

I try to keep this blog focused on Shaughnessy and for that apologize for the MacMullen tangent, but it was so symbolic of the "your business is my business" type of journalism practiced here I just couldn't let it pass.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the MacMullen "tangent". When I read her column, I thought "whoa, she's sounding like CHB here". I usually enjoy her columns but this one was so "un-Jackie" like. Theo Epstein owes me and the rest of Red Sox Nation no explanation whatever. Just glad he has re-joined the Red Sox. Welcome back, Theo.


ObjectiveBruce said...

Yes, of course. Epstein works for a private employer and we have no business inquiring. In fact, every employee of Boston Redsox Baseball Club Limited Partnership is a private employee. Manny Rodriguez? His relationship with his employer is none of our business. Josh Becket? Same thing. Grady Little? Never had any business making inquiries there,either. Tedious is one thing, but stupidity is quite another

The Chief said...

Tedious is one thing, but stupidity is quite another

And somehow you manage to exhibit both in spades...

jenny said...

Although I normally like MacMullen, that column was pointless. Theo owes nobody, especially the Globe, anything.

As for Shaughnessy, I have been absolutely appalled by his vicious treatment of Theo over the past few months and I hope Theo never so much as looks at him again. I have been almost as offended by his backhanded slaps at Ben and Jed. "Minions?" "Shotgun wedding GMs?" Does he have any idea what these guys have managed to do under terribly awkward circumstances? They have been shamefully used and abused and I have nothing but praise for them. Just shut up, Dan.

And who the hell is Manny Rodriguez?

shawn said...

And who the hell is Manny Rodriguez?

I think he's Brandon Arroyo's second cousin. Lives next door to Manny Ortez.