Thursday, January 19, 2006

Prediction: Theo's Return is Bad News for Dan

It was just about three weeks ago when the CHB threw Theo Esptein under the bus, ran him over, then backed up and ran him over again, mocking him no less than four times in his "predictions" for 2006.

Here's what his "Jan. 18" entry said:
Theo Epstein is back. In a cramped press conference held inside the left-field wall (the only part of Fenway not currently under construction), Epstein was introduced as the official ''Baseball Guru" of the Red Sox. Team owner John W. Henry would not specify Epstein's precise rank in the chain of command, but said, ''Theo will be a consultant on all baseball matters. When anything turns out well, we will applaud him madly for his contributions, but he will not be responsible for any moves that fail to succeed." Larry Lucchino was not present at the press conference.

So no doubt tomorrow, when the papers ring out with the news of Theo's return, Dan will go in search of credit. (He'll ignore the Jan. 11 entry forecasting Jim Rice's election to the Hall of Fame, and the Jan. 16 entry, which claimed the Patriots would beat the Colts, 38-7. But never mind all that.)

Here's a prediction: Dan's column tomorrow will lead with "Theo Epstein is walking through that door again."

Another prediction: Dan's scoopless streak -- what's it at, like nine years? -- will continue forever. Theo seems like a reasonable guy, but he's no fool, and now that the CHB has shown his true colors the guess here is Dan's cellphone is about to get very quiet.

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Brenwill said...

You have to love the way the CHB inserted himself into the story. I guess John Henry was clueless on the Theo situation until Dan told him to "fire Lucchino or tell Epstein to get lost." How did Henry ever manage to make billions in the options market without Dan's direction?

It might be good news for The Nation that Theo's back but the Hatchet Man can't stand it. Somehow this is "embarrassing" for the team. And Dan gives us his gratuitous concern for the front office people at Fenway, when it's really about him again creating good guys and bad guys. Cripes he sucks.

And did you notice the Gammons reference? The CHB and Gordon Edes have taken more than a few shots at Gammons since this began. Gee, who's more credible?