Saturday, January 28, 2006

Scoop Shaughnessy

In the past 30 days The CHB has brought up what he feels are two major stories: 1) the Patriots' laydown to the Dolphins on the last game of the regular season and 2) the canceling of an agreed-upon deal between the Red Sox and Rockies by Theo Epstein and his subsequent passing the buck to upper management (read: Larry Lucchino).

We know The CHB feels these are the most important stories going because he's brought each up -- in caustic tones -- at least three times.

We wonder why, however, with such earth-shattering "scoops" at his fingertips, Dan doesn't follow through on either story? While any real reporter would be rubbing their PC-gnarled hands with glee over a tanked football game, Mr. "I write for the readers" tosses out his insinuations (sans proof, of course) and just walks away. Think about all the fun it would conjure up, with all those gamblers who lost having quite the axe to grind -- and in the head of a certain Patriots head coach, no less.

Reminds me of the old Perry Mason shows where the courtroom naturally falls for any old hypothesis the cunning lawyer offers up. Dan seems to think that whatever he spews, the readers will naturally eat up. In the real world, though, we generally like our innuendos a little more in-the-end, if you know what I mean. In other words, if it's Brangelina vs. Bigbie, Brangelina wins every time.

Dan, here's your chance: Put up, or shut up.


Justin said...

To the Chief---
My name is Justin and I am a senior at Northeastern University. I was hoping to conduct a brief interview with you regarding your blog, thoughts on Dan, sportswriting, etc. Please email me at if this sounds okay.

Merv Tedwards said...


I hope you are sleeping and probably haven't read Shanks latest waste of print and pulp but now the Red Sox are evil for putting there games on NESN. Here's an email I wrote to him this morning for which I'll never get a response unless one of Borges interns has some free time.

Mr. Shaughnessy,

While I empathize with your article about the Red Sox not being aired for free anymore I think you should note that basic cable is not free and of the percentage of people who watched the Red Sox for "free" on UPN most likely have basic cable. Can anyone even get a signal without basic cable anymore? Even my grandmother with the rotary phone has basic cable. Furthermore, the radio is still free excluding XM and Sirius of course, so I think the guy mowing his lawn can still listen to the game for free. As for reading about the Red Sox, unless the Boston Globe has reduced itself to a free paper status I think readers still have to subscribe for a fee and with obvious agenda laden vitriol like your last few weeks of articles one might argue there is better content out there available to read for free. This comes as no surprise to me that you write this article shortly after Coco Crisp was signed. In fact I was surprised you did not tie in tickets going on sale as the main reason for the Red Sox announcing the Crisp deal being completed. This is still a capitalist society and while baseball is an American tradition it is not an inalienable right. You want professional baseball to be free take it up with legislature and start a campaign, but keep it out of the sports section.

- Merv Tedwards

objectivebruce said...

Still trying to figure out whether the blogger was under the influence when mixing up this particular bowl of bile. Does anyone seriously think the Patriots went all out to win against the Dolphins? Does anyone think they should have? It's a fact of sporting life that pointless late season games are manytimes played with marked loss of enthusiasm, especially by teams 'saving' themselves for the playoffs. And what's to follow up with the Bigbie story? It's been pretty well laid out, Shaughnessy had a scoop and nobody has contradicted it.

The Chief said...

You're up early today, Danny Boy.

The Chief said...

Justin, what would it be used for?

Justin said...

A sportswriting class I'm taking.