Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dan Knows Football

This weekend’s playoff game between the Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars is a layup, says renowned football writer Dan Shaughnessy. That’s right: The CHB is now a football expert.

His rationale for deeming the Jaguars roadkill? “It’s a warm weather team." Well, Dan should know about that. After all, he’s the ultimate fair weather fan.

Here’s the question though: Writers like Peter King, John Clayton and yes, even Ron Borges spend most of the year tracking the NFL. The CHB, on the other hand, sees Curt Schilling in his sleep. So why, at this critical point in the season, would NECN -- nay, anyone -- seek the CHB’s opinion on football, a subject that he couldn’t possibly (and doesn't) know anything about?

Watch the video (the link is on the right, under “Shaughnessy: Jaguars will be road kill”): Dan literally talks out of the side of his mouth.

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