Friday, June 09, 2017

You Were Saying, Shank?

Looks like Shank got his previous column very, very wrong!
NEW YORK — David Price endured a brutal two days in the Big Apple at the end of this 10-game Red Sox trip. On Wednesday, he announced he was limiting media access, then he unleashed a postgame tirade at multiple reporters. After putting a target on his back, he went to the mound Thursday and surrendered six runs on eight hits (two Gary Sanchez homers) and four walks in five innings. The Red Sox trailed, 6-1, when Price left and lost, 9-1.

Ugly. And all this after I suggested that Boston media and Sox fans were being too hard on the guy. Yeesh. I feel like Eddie Mush from “A Bronx Tale.’’

Who knew things could turn this sour in less than 30 hours on the baseball beat? I meant no harm when I approached Price in the third base dugout before Wednesday’s game. I came in peace. I wanted to know if he likes Boston. I wanted to know if he felt his Red Sox experience had changed him. I wanted to know if he was checking his Twitter notifications nonstop (he said he wasn’t). I wrote a pregame column suggesting that fans and media dial down the anti-Price dialogue. The pro-Price column was posted in the early innings of Boston’s 8-0 loss.
John Farrell came up behind me in a Yankee underbelly tunnel and teased, “See what you started?”

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