Monday, June 26, 2017

A Question Nobody Was Asking

With the retirement of David Ortiz's number last week, Shank assembles the all-time Red Sox lineup.
Take a look at the right-field facade at Fenway Park. With the unnecessary rush to take care of David Ortiz (after making all their other greats wait an average of more than 20 years), the Red Sox now have a perfect 10-man starting lineup of retired numbers.

There are three outfielders, 9, 8, and 14 (Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice), one pitcher, 45 (Pedro Martinez), one catcher, 27 (Carlton Fisk), a third baseman, 26 (Wade Boggs), a second baseman, 1 (Bobby Doerr), and a designated hitter, 34 (Big Papi). The Sox also have two shortstops, 4 and 6 (Joe Cronin, Johnny Pesky).

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