Saturday, June 03, 2017

Message Not Received

Following up on Shank's column from this afternoon, we have this Tweet:

Suffice to say, there was considerable pushback:

There's more at the first link, I'm calling this fight off on mercy rules.

The one very positive aspect of Donald Trump becoming President is the mainstreaming of national media bias. I believe a solid majority of legal US citizens are now aware that all of these national media organizations are chock full of Democrats and hard-core leftists, and now there is a fair amount of pushback.


Jason Herra said...

I guess the globe had no problem writing a hit column slandering Francona but they whine when someone fights back

Roger Bournival said...

That's nothing, Jason - Shank once called the employer of one of our former bloggers (it was either dbvader or Dave M) to complain about his columns about Shank. Talk about petty and vindictive!

Anonymous said...

ya thats petty

Jason Herra said...

what a pathetic child shank is