Thursday, June 08, 2017

Piling On David Price?

Piling on Tom Brady - perfectly fine - have at it!

Piling on David Price - how dare you?
NEW YORK — I know this sounds odd coming from me, but folks need to lay off David Price. If you are a Red Sox fan you should be rooting for this guy to succeed. And that doesn’t always seem to be the case. For multiple reason$$$ — maybe because Price talked and tweeted too much when he first got to Boston or because he’s never won a playoff start — piling on Price has become a parlor game in New England over the last 12 months and it makes no sense to me.

Price initially got crushed for taking the Red Sox’ $217 million.
I will not read any more of this column. Once I saw this sentence, it reminded me of the time Shank compared David Price to Carl Crawford. Shank will simply change his opinion on David Price whenever it suits him; he'll exhort the Red Sox to spend big bucks on guys like Price, Crawford, Sandoval, etc., then rip the Sox for spending that money on players for whom Shank will set sky-high expectations, then rip the players accordingly when they fail to meet those expectations.

You can go ahead and read the rest of it - I've had enough bullshit for today.

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Jason Herra said...

he such a fraud it's comical