Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sincerity Doubted

It wouldn't be a summer with the Boston Red Sox without Shank openly ragging on one of the players.
Hanley Ramirez says he cares, he really does

Hanley Ramirez knows. He is not stupid. He is not clueless. This is his 13th year in the big leagues and his third season in Boston, and Ramirez knows he’s getting ripped in multiple media platforms.

He knows some folks think he simply doesn’t want to play first base. He knows there’s a perception that he’s a handful to manage. He admits to being immature and something of a manager-killer in his early big league life, but he wants you to know that’s not what’s happening now.

“It’s not like that,’’ Ramirez said while standing at his locker before batting practice Wednesday before the Red Sox played the Twins. “Fans believe what they hear. Those guys that are saying that about me should come in here, in the clubhouse, and do interviews and ask teammates. Don’t just create things that are not good for the team.
Shank goes on to ask manager John Farrell and Hanley himself some questions. Naturally, Shank doesn't believe any of the answers.

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