Friday, June 16, 2017

The Shaughnessy Instability

Has anyone out there seen the latest '30 for 30' series featuring the Celtics and Lakers? It's a three part series that started airing this week, with each part being two hours long. I've only seen the last part, so maybe I'm posting this in haste:

At least for Part 3, guess which local Boston reporter was not involved? They had Bob Ryan and Jackie MacMullan, as to be expected, but they chose Peter May over the beat reporter who actually covered the Celtics for most of this time period?

P.S. - Yeah, I'm gonna go with a few 'Big Bang Theory' title mashups from here on. 'Friends' was so... yesterday!

P.P.S. - If any of you have watched either of the first two parts, leave a Shank spotting / Where's Shank? comment below - thanks in advance.

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Jason Herra said...

shank was in part one but for a few minutes. that's it.