Sunday, June 25, 2017


Let the second guessing commence!
Picked-up pieces while wondering if there’s anything else we can do to honor David Ortiz . . .

■ Could the Celtics have made potential “fireworks” any more boring? zzz. There HAS to be more. Sorry, I would have done a deal on draft night. I would have kept the No. 1 pick and overpaid the Knicks with all those overrated “assets.” I would have done handstands to bring Kristaps Porzingis to Boston. Or Jimmy Butler. The Celtics need adults, people who have proven they can play in the league. Best of luck to Jayson Tatum, but I’ve got no time for teen angels on training wheels on the parquet floor. The Timberwolves did what the Celtics should have done. They acquired Butler. They already have Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Now Butler. Minnesota did not make the playoffs this past season, but I’d take the Timberwolves over the current Celtics roster in a seven-game series today.
Give me a team that didn't make the playoffs over the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference? I thought this guy knew basketball; at one time he did.

And in a 'not shocking in the least' manner, Shank's still mad at Big Papi:
■ Can we re-name Boston’s airport? Ortiz Airport sounds way better than Logan Airport.

■ No more Hatch Shell. Let’s make it the Ortiz Shell. And Storrow Drive should be Ortiz Drive.

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Jason Herra said...

that's cuz papi called this fraud out to his face. shank accused papi of being a steroid cheat yet he ignores Roger Clemens and his roof use hence why papi is on the list next to Kraft and schill