Wednesday, October 01, 2014

He Came To Bury Them

Come on, you knew this was just a matter of time, didn't you?

Dan Shaughnessy, the columnist who vowed not to judge the Patriots until the playoffs, jumps off the bandwagon with the Patriots 41-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Is there any doubt a) Shank's been dying to write this very column for months and b) Shank should be using a lot more personal pronouns in the beginning paragraphs?
Time to pile on the reeling Patriots

So here you go.

The Patriots are free-falling and it’s open season on the arrogant/smarter-than-you “System.” Folks are I am lining up to skewer the franchise that has consistently given me the NFL and the national/local media the finger during a decade and a half of division dominance and Super Bowl contention.

Listening to the postgame fallout from Monday night’s 41-14 Arrowhead massacre made your ears bleed. It was a field day for me Patriot haters. And they are legion.
And one of them is right here!

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Monkeesfan said...

And of course His Shankness will regurgitate the talking points about how Belichick failed to get weapons for Brady, has been a failure at drafting, hasn't won a Superbowl since 2004, insisted on getting rid of good players, etc.

He won't of course provide actual analysis - such as that Brady's real problem has been his refusal to integrate more receivers into the offense (an oversight he began correcting with his use of Brandon Lafell in the Kansas City game), showcased by James Develin and others being open with Brady ignoring them entirely to throw to Edelman or Gronkowski.

Shank will jump on the myth that the Patriots should have kept Logan Mankins - this despite New England's 10-1 record without him in the 2010-12 period and the sharp decline in his play (which wasn't as dominant as advertised to begin with) in 2013 and continuing now with the Bucs.

Chances are Shank will mention that Charlie Weis perhaps should be returned to the Patriots fold - again, against all common sense given Weis' spectacular incompetence as a coach in his post-2004 jobs, illustrating how overrated he was when he was in Foxboro.

Of course the problem Shank now has is he's just one voice mouthing the anti-Belichick talking points - yet his own grating style will get him noticed anyway.