Sunday, October 26, 2014

Leaving His Heart In San Francisco

Only a columnist of Shank's legendary miserableness and negativity can travel to San Francisco, ostensibly to cover the World Series, and use the trip to take a shit on Fenway Park.
SAN FRANCISCO — The World Series said goodbye to this baseball palace Sunday night. The San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals will resume their nifty joust Tuesday night at Kauffman Stadium.


But I am here to tell you that AT&T Park might be the perfect baseball stadium. Most of you have a soft spot in your hearts for the old bandbox near Kenmore Square, but if you have made the trip west to watch the Giants at home you know that what I’m telling you is true: AT&T Park is a better ballpark than Fenway Park.

Let us count the ways:
I see the logic of a newly built stadium that cost $357 million having better amenities than a stadium that's well over a century old, but does anyone seriously believe that this column isn't written as the thousandth shot from Shank at the Red Sox organization? That, coupled with the fact that he hasn't written a single column about the World Series games themselves while he's been in San Francisco, basically proves the point.

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Anonymous said...

For once a column from him I agree with! I've been to AT&T Park and found it a great place to watch a game. The only complaint I had was that it was too cold out in right field near the water (was there in August), although there really isn't anything that they can do about that.

A shot at the Sox? Of course. But I think that's a legitimate complaint against them. We need a new stadium, but have a hard time seeing the owners ever doing it.