Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Trying To Have It Both Ways Again

Dan Shaughnessy, the columnist who vowed not to judge the Patriots until the playoffs, now feigns praise on the team after their beatdown of the Bengals on Sunday night.
Your New England Patriots completed a rare NFL doubleheader sweep Sunday night on national television.

Game 1: Patriots 43, Bengals 17.

Game 2: Patriots 73, Media 0.

Crafty righthanded veteran Bill Belichick was credited with the win in both games. It was a performance worthy of Iron Man Joe McGinnity, who three times won doubleheaders all by himself in August of 1903.

The Patriots’ Game 1 victory was impressive. Reeling from a week of discord, rumor, and innuendo in the wake of a nationally televised beatdown at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Patriots thrashed the undefeated Bengals for a full 60 minutes.
I wonder if there was a Globe columnist involved in that week of discord, rumor and innuendo?

What's amusing about this piece of work is the fact Shank took a dump on the team last week, but somehow fails to mention, allude to and / or own up to this pertinent fact anywhere in the article:
But the beatdown of the media was even more impressive. Exploiting the “us against the world” approach, Belichick successfully debunked all the nasty stories about his team, then smirked and pretended he hadn’t heard any of the noise.

Q: How needed was this win . . .?

A: I don’t know. It was the next game. It was good to win.

Q: Was this a satisfying victory given all the criticism and questions that were asked this week about the team?

A: Criticism from who?

Q: The media. People in this room. The fans.

A: With all due respect, I mean really. Look, we have a job to do. We’re focused on doing that job. We’re not going to sit around and listen to what everybody else says . . .

Perfect. You know that deep down he wants to jab his finger toward his interrogators and say, “You’re damn right I ordered the Code Red!’’ but he’s too smart and he’s always on message and he’s never going to give his critics the satisfaction of knowing that he listens to them.
And if that wasn't enough, here's Shank putting words into Belichick's mouth:
And there it was. The game unfolded like so many others over the last 15 years. Full fury in Foxborough. Belichick was master of the universe. Brady was the Brady of 2007. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth gushed about the Patriot Way and how New England overcame so much adversity during the week.

And then Bill told us how proud he was of his team and refused to admit that this was one of the most satisfying nights of his Hall of Fame career.

So we have to say it for him. Sunday night in Foxborough was one of the most satisfying nights of Belichick’s career. The Bengals were beaten. The nattering nabobs of negativism were destroyed.
It's pretty disingenuous for Shank to pretend that Belichick's flipping the bird to the media and not to him first and foremost, isn't it?

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Monkeesfan said...

Indeed Shank lapses into his own disingenuity regarding Belichick. One of these days maybe Shank can learn that Belichick understands how things actually work - and how to thus deal with them - where he, Mr. Shaughnessy, doesn't.

I'm still puzzled why Gresh & Zolak have him as a guest host every week or two as on-air he doesn't bring much to the table any more than in his writings.