Friday, February 28, 2014

For Shank's Spring Training Columns, One 'Sizemore' Fits All

Today, the latest in The CHB's series on the potential Red Sox starters for 2014. And, just like the last, well, all of them, nothing new is revealed. Rather, today's offering on Grady Sizemore follows the formulaic (read: boring) format that Shank has perfected over the years:

  • A recent anecdote
  • A recounting of the player's baseball career
  • A quote from the player and one or two other players/coaches/related personnel.

It may be dry in Florida, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised The CHB's commentary is bordering on arid.

1 comment:

Roger Bournival said...

Do you mean 'dry' as in ' no booze'? Then it would make sense.