Thursday, February 20, 2014

And No One Hates The CHB, Either

"Nobody in Boston hates David Ortiz."

So says The CHB today. My take: he's cutting this very fine.

For argument's sake, let's say Shank doesn't "hate" Ortiz. Great. So what to make of this
"[T]he Ortiz Problem."

Or this"Big Papi ... is tone-deaf, selfish, and offensive."

Or this"[Ortiz's] entire Red Sox career is a lie."

He's called him washed up"Boston's big problem: Big Papi is past his prime, no longer everyday DH."

And a drug user: Older players "do not get better," and PED users Dominican Republic, just like Papi.

He's made fun of Papi's weight"He is one of the most famous (and largest) citizens of New England."

He's even compared him to cow manure: "[A] sad sack of you-know-what."

"Big Papi loves to complain about his contract," The CHB writes. 

Almost as much as Shank loves to complain about Big Papi.

P.S. He also compares Ortiz to Bobby Orr and Tom Brady. What, not Larry Bird?

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Anonymous said...

Don't even mention Bobby Orr with Ortiz. The classiest athlete to ever wear a Boston uniform to the biggest phony.