Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I don't think the horse is dead yet, Shank - could you beat on it some more just to be sure? Thanks.
INDIANAPOLIS - Here we are again, standing above the medal platform, arguing about who’s going to get the gold, silver, and bronze.

It’s a parlor game we play in the sports department.

What are the most disappointing losses in New England sports history? Where do we put Sunday night’s disaster at Lucas Oil (Can Boyd) Stadium? Is it the worst loss ever, the worst loss in Patriots history, or just a crushing night that won’t hurt so much after we let a few weeks pass?
Oil Can Boyd Stadium? Nope, that one will never get old!
A team that overachieved is suddenly under the gun. No franchise in NFL history has more Super Bowl losses (four) than the Patriots.
Has Shank never heard about the Buffalo Bills or the Minnesota Vikings? Where in hell are the Globe editors, man?

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Anonymous said...

"No franchise in NFL history has more Super Bowl losses (four) than the Patriots." - I guess technically he is correct, no team has 5 loses ... but there are three other teams (Broncos, Bills and Vikings) that also have four losses. Frankly the way he worded it was intellectually dishonest ... big surprise from Shank.