Monday, February 06, 2012

The Master Of Misery

Shank sure likes writing these types of columns, doesn't he (with a bonus Jethro Tull reference)?
After a decade of dominance, New England seems to be shifting back toward the Big Middle. The Bruins have been in a midseason slump. The Celtics are calcifying before our eyes. The Red Sox are pinching pennies, falling further behind their rivals in the American League. And the Patriots have lost two straight Super Bowls in the final minute against the New York Football Giants.

Instead of celebrating a grand slam - championships in every major sport over a period of four years and four months - New Englanders are spitting out pieces of their broken luck, bracing for the avalanche of grief from those annoying New Yorkers.


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Anonymous said...


I think this might have been Shank's best effort at dealing with reality of competition and entertainment.

However, he still reeks of entitlement.

I watched a wounded and weakened Patriot team try and outmaneuver an energetic and determined Giant team. The uncritical youthfulness of the Giants overcame the strategic schemes of the Patriots.

Is Shank’s angle is that Boston and/or New England is entitled to championships? Or, isn’t the reality that things are always changing so we should just enjoy our opportunity when on center stage.

Shank also reeks of chauvinism. He believes he is the almighty preacher of truth.