Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It's A Twofer

Shank bangs out a pair of columns, one of them at CNN / SI, where he wonders why Rick Pitino still has a job. Among other tidbits,

Leaving himself open to ridicule on top of scorn, he said the encounter lasted only 15 seconds. He made himself a punchline.
What's worse then being a Minuteman? A Pitino!

Next up, Shank takes yet another shot at Jacoby Ellsbury. After three plus months, you do have to wonder what the hell is going on.

It’s impossible and unfair to measure another man’s pain.
But Shank does it anyway. It helps to write this column after a Red Sox loss, and now Ellsbury is the new Nomar / Manny / Schilling in Shank's eyes, complete with mentioning a trade / a comparison to Nomar circa 2004.

Meanwhile, the wounded Sox are sinking in the American League East.
This, after a mere week after jumping back on the bandwagon. This guy's shameless.


Treg said...

Shaughnessy has single-handedly perpetuated the myth of a pouting Nomar Garciaparra, one of the greatest players to ever wear a Red Sox uniform. I suspect it's because Nomar wouldn't talk to him. But we don't have to play along

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was watching an old dvd about the 2004 season, and Peter Gammons talked about Nomar's pouting, paranoia (thinking the Sox management had bugged his phone) ... I think shank is a bitter and petty person who uses his column to attack people. On the other hand, I have great respect for Gammons' opinions, so I think there is definitely truth to the Nomar stuff ... whether it is still column worthy 6 years later is another debate ... but this is the same guy who attacked Jim Rice years after he retired and is doing the same to Curt Schilling.

Anonymous said...

Both The Shank and Gammon's offer only their opinions based on observations. They both promote descriptions of reality skewed towards their personal worldview.

We have a choice to believe them or reflect on the what we see, hear and read to come to our own conclusion.

I just don't trust anything that comes from the Monster$$$

Beware of The Nation = i.e.

Cultural Exceptionalism

… citizens and members of every civilization, nation, and tribe also believe that their own small piece of civilization is truly unique, exceptional, and far superior to all of the others. It would seem to be the case that every civilization considers itself exceptional.