Monday, August 30, 2010

Shank On Patriots / Jets

We're all waiting for the inevitable 2010 Red Sox post-mortem / reaming from Shank, but we'll have to make do until then with another good CNN / SI column:

The pro football season can't start soon enough. Here in New England, we can't wait for Week 2 when the Patriots play the Jets at the new football theatre (WTF? - Ed.) off exit 16W in the Meadowlands.

The Patriots and their fans hate the Jets with the proverbial power of 10,000 suns. It's Red Sox-Yankees with tailgates and goal posts.
I didn't agree with this sentiment last year, but as time and events march on, I'm closer to agreeing with it. Shank starts the rivalry's history with Bill Parcells bolting for the Jets in 1997 and takes it to last week's comment by Tom Brady that he hates the Jets.

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Monkeesfan said...

Shank has to downplay the Patriots here. He notes how the Jets won in NJ 16-9 and never mentions how the Patriots routed the Jets 31-14 in the rematch. He talks about the big names the Jets got without noting that this is what they've done a lot over the years with nothing to show for it (1993's free agent spree included Ronnie Lott and Boomer Esiason and they went 17-31; 1996 they spent $70 million in free agent and rookie talent and went 1-15; Parcells brought in Martin, Keith Byars, and Dave Meggett and they all fumbled the ball at Denver in the 1998 title game; they brought in Mangini and Thomas Jones and Brett Favre and others and went 23-25 with one playoff game).

Rex Ryan "has assembled a killer defense" even though they were 0-7 against any kind of productive offense and are 0-2 this preseason against decent offenses, got into the playoffs because two teams gave them wins, won in San Diego because of three missed FGAs, and have a quarterback who is regressing in front of our eyes.

Shank treats Brady's comments as "un-Patriot like." Actually they're not.