Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nail Biter, and Shaq

That's Shank's nutshell description of yesterday's 2-1 win over the Yankees. It's the first time in a while that Shank seems to write about the Red Sox in a level headed manner.

On the other hand, check out his CNN / SI article on Shaquille O'Neal. He describes the trade as a good trade. For a columnist who constantly pointed out the collective age of the Celtics roster, then add Shaq to the mix, and declare it a good trade is a bit baffling.


Anonymous said...

Was the Shaw signing via trade or just direct via free agency?

Sorry ... I am not keeping up with the transactions but it would seem foolish for C's to trade for The Shaq.


Roger Bournival said...

g - it was a free agent signing; I booted that one. What I need is the multi-layered fact checking system of the Boston Globe like, yesterday...