Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Back from vacation, Shank devotes his weekly CNN / SI column to the latest Red Sox controversy: Bard or Papelbon as closer?

A closer controversy is not unlike a quarterback controversy. You know the drill: veteran star struggles... kid steps in and makes everything look easy... fans want to kick the old guy to the curb and go with the young gun.

Say hello to Jonathan Papelbon and Daniel Bard, the two most important residents of the Red Sox bullpen.
The rest of the column is informative and reasonable, like so few of his Globe columns.

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Anonymous said...

The Shank School of Journalism

"Yes, your suspicions have been correct all along. I've been to journalism school (twice), where you learn the most sacred rule of the trade: Slow, subtle, spurious sabotage. The whole "objectivity" thing is just a front disguise the reporter's obligatory loathing and sense of superiority to all people, ideas and institutions on her given beat."

Excerpt from: