Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is Dan Feeling the Heat?

Dan turns in yet another good column March 18, on the Miami Heat's visit to Boston to face the Celtics Wednesday night.

The piece includes quotes from Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and the NBA's leading scorer, Dwayne Wade.

Too bad Shank is so distrusted by virtually all Boston-based pro athletes and most club officials that few will give him the time of day, hampering Shaughnessy's ability to produce such columns about Boston's pros...

It's an effective, well-written column without any references to Larry Bird, the Eighties or the straw men Shank loves to knock down. And no hackneyed cliches.

Makes one wonder if the editors at the Globe might be holding Shaughnessy's feet to the fire after a string of half-baked, half-assed columns he submitted during the latter part of the winter. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Shank sees the light that is emerging throughout many cultures in this current "Age of Accountability."

Will the Shank admit to his shortcomings and vindictiveness?

Getting beyond the “denial” will be a necessary step for his quest towards asking for forgiveness in light of his calculated maliciousness.


Anonymous said...

Dab writes a decent piece and there are only two comments in what follows. When he writes crap, hets 30+ comments. Maybe this explains why he writes crap?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe this explains why he writes crap?"

Is that why sex sells?

What a manipulator the Shank is!


Anonymous said...

oldest trick in the book and it goes for 95% of the sports media.....annoy and irritate the fans and they will come back for more. (not to mention they will create web sites about you)

Chris said...

The question needs to be asked (and answered): How can this jerk write anything remotely worthy when the vast majority of Boston's professional sports personnel (athletes and management alike) simply turn their back on CHB with utter disdain. What is a columnist left with without the 'sources' that fuel any good, worthwhile piece of writing. All we're left with are 'musings' and 'idle thoughts.' And these coming from far-flung parts of the globe because this clown is sent on expenses-paid junkets! HOW does it make economic sense--in THIS economy and in THIS industry--to send this Brillo Pad on a jet somewhere, and all he does is sit in his hotel room! Someone has to jettison CHB in the name of financial good sense. He must be blackmailing someone, because under normal circumstances CHB would be GONE. And he SHOULD be GONE.

ObjectiveBruce said...

"the vast majority of Boston's professional sports personnel (athletes and management alike) simply turn their back on CHB with utter disdain"

Prove it. Schilling's musings don't count.

DryHeave said...

LMFAO!.....Great Post, the MAN!...I don't know how Shank gets away with it. It's amazing.....The only thing I can think is, once these guys get somewhat "established" they have jobs for life. (sort of like the Pope or the civil service).....once they are "in" their "in" and you can't get em' out

dbvader said...

Ob, want to respond to this:

"For years, Time, Inc. was controlled by CEDE, Inc., a subsidiary of the New York Stock Exchange.

Care to explain? How does a subsidiary of the NYSE come to control a public corporation traded on the exchange?"