Monday, March 16, 2009

Will the Real Dan Please Stand Up?

Recently I stumbled across an interesting posting on a website called the Daily Dollop.

My question to you, dear Dan Shaughnessy fans, is this: How accurate is this representation?

What's your educated take?


Dave M said...

Hey Jerry

Can you repost the link--I am not finding it

Dave M

JERRY G said...

Hi, Dave...

Sorry. It's fixed!


mike_b1 said...

The CHB would never use the word "coiffure," nor would he write a column about the Red Sox that failed to 1) refer to the Henry purchase of the team as a "bag job," 2) called Jim Rice "the most-feared hitter in the American League, and 3) derided Theo Epstein in some way, shape or form, while being ever so-careful not to cross the line into complete anti-Semitism.

Ferd said...

I don't understand what the whole hullabaloo is about!

Face it, Dan Shaughnessy IS God!

BSF34 said...

"Face it, Dan Shaughnessy IS God!"

If this is true then I'm becoming a devil worshiper.

Jerry G said...

LOL! Me 2!