Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet the Hendersons

Dan turned in a solid, workmanlike column Thursday, March 25, featuring the Hendersons -- Gerald and Gerald, Jr.

He's even got quotes from both, and -- from the sounds of them -- I'll stake money (but not much, mind you) that Dan actually obtained those thoughts in one-on-one interviews.

It's a crying shame that Dan doesn't apply himself like this consistently, instead of utilizing shortcuts and his usual templates that oftentimes make his columns indistinguishable, vindictive and vain. Some days he's Bob Ryan but most days he's Dilbert.

On a personal note, my wife and I are off to Fort Myers today for the weekend to do a spring training book signing. Since my laptop is on the fritz I'm hoping one of my compatriots on the site will post entries over the weekend. If not, I'll see ya Monday.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

You mean Shaughnessy actually got one-on-one time with a sports personality and then fashioned it into quotes rather than standing feebly in the back of a media throng to get whatever pool quotes brushed through his curly red hair and into his ear? Amazing.

Roger Bournival said...

This here recession sure is hittin' hard:

NEW YORK -- The Sun-Times Media Group, owner of the Chicago Sun-Times and dozens of suburban newspapers, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Tuesday, making it the fifth newspaper publisher to seek protection from creditors in recent months.

The step, brought on by a precipitous decline in advertising revenue, means both of Chicago's major daily newspapers are operating under bankruptcy protection. Tribune Co., the parent company of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and other newspapers, filed for Chapter 11 in December.

The Sun-Times Media Group, which filed in a Delaware court, said it will continue to operate its print and online properties. The company listed $479 million in assets and $801 million in debt. The largest unsecured creditors are newsprint vendors. Three are owed more than $1 million each.

Yet a poster to this board insists that the Globe ain't goin' anywhere. I wonder why...

Chris said...

A few token 'self-congratulatory' writing awards were doled out to a few Globe writers, none of them named 'Shaughnessy.' These awards are laughable, collegial 'back-slapping' of the highest order. "Gee...we're all a bunch of keen and swell writers, aren't we?" TV stations love these self-congratulatory awards as well; each Boston station gets a chance to be 'News Station of the Year!' on a rotating basis, to make sure it's 'fair.'

ObjectiveBruce said...

The Boston Globe ain't going anywhere.

Roger Bournival said...

...while the editor of the Globe's parent company provides equally unconvincing spin:

POLITICO'S Tim Grieve reports:

STANFORD, Calif. -- New York Times executive editor Bill Keller spoke at Stanford Thursday to mark the opening of a new building for The Stanford Daily -- an event he acknowledged might feel a little like a "ribbon-cutting" for "a new Pontiac dealership."

Among Keller's observations about the "unnerving future" of newspapers:

On the NYT: Keller predicted that the Times will be "left standing after the deluge." Noting that readers have offered to donate money to keep the Times alive, Keller suggested that GM probably isn't getting similar offers.

Commenting on the keep-the-Times alive movement, Keller said: "Saving the New York Times now ranks with saving Darfur as a high-minded cause."

At least he has a sense of humor...

Paul said...

OB : "The Boston Globe ain't going anywhere."

For once I agree with you. The Glob (not a typo) will get bailout money from Barney Fwank and the Government to say afloat.