Thursday, March 05, 2009

Get Over it Dan

Dan's obsession with Manny continues. Dan's obsession with ARod continues. Dan's self-plagiarism continues. Dan's twisted logic continues. And we get all of this in one neat little package.

Dan writes about Manny's signing and ARod's hip.

The Manny part is very similar to an article that he wrote last October when his obsession was in full gear. In October, he wrote

Wow. Unhappy for eight whole years. While the Sox were winning the World Series and fans were worshiping at Manny's feet, he was unhappy. He must have been unhappy when you stood and applauded while he ran onto the field carrying that American flag on the day he became a US citizen. He must have been miserable riding in the duck boat, seeing the hand-held signs of fans who lined the parade route.

Today he writes:
There you go, Sox fans. Manny was suffering while you were cheering for him. He was suffering when the Sox paid him $160 million. It must have been hell, making all that cake, hearing the applause, and seeing little kids and big dads wearing his No. 24 Sox jersey. I guess we'll never know how hard it was to win two World Series, playing in front of baseball's best fans in baseball's best ballpark.
Look I think we all find it hard to believe that someone could be unhappy with all the money and fame and Shaughnessy hammers this home (again and again and again). But ever think that there may be a sincere sentiment there? I honestly dont think Manny ever understood or appreciated the passion of Red Sox fans and he just wasnt comfortable with it. Is that too difficult to comprehend? Get over it, Dan

Then there is this gem
These monstrous issues have two common denominators: Scott Boras and the Red Sox. Boras represents both superstars. And no matter what happens in Baseball America, it's always about the Red Sox.
What? Shaughnessy's tortured logic against puts Boston at the center of everything.I just dont get it. How is ARod's hip all about the Red Sox? How is Manny signing in LA all about the Red Sox? Get over it Dan


Anonymous said...

Broken record … broken fingers

What a “Meee” Dooofus sham this shankster is.

Can’t comprehend that the Manny problem in Boston was not with his teammates, fans

It was with certain media typists spinning their tripe

Shanks always pointing his fingers … Manny bites them off.


Anonymous said...

What is ironic G is that Shank criticizes Manny's lack of passion and yet he also criticizes the hyper fanaticism of the boys in Ma's basement. Dude cant be happy

ObjectiveBruce said...

The rush to condemn is a source of constant amusement to me and the hilarity of today's entry is astounding.

Yup, both big baseball stories from yesterday had big Sawx implications.

Manny took aim on the club and the city by claiming eight years of misery and Shaughnessy hammered him again with a litany of what was good for Manny about his stay in Boston. For that, we trot out the tired old "self plagiarism" claim. There's nothing wrong with hammering a point more than once; and in this case, hammering was absolutely appropriate. Last year, Ramirez was unhappy, Thursday, we saw an acid-tongued Ramirez characterizing his time as the idol of millions in New England as "suffering," and making the statement not during the heat of the post season, but during the generally feel-good atmosphere of a post-signing news conference.

As for Rodriguez, the cloud over the local entry this year is the extent to which New York has loaded up; taking someone who has been called the best player in baseball (whether that is true is another subject)out of the lineup has enormous implications for Boston.

So two big stories, among the biggest of this spring training, break on the same day during a most uneventful spring in Ft. Myers during a boring spring training, and both of them are important to Boston fan.

In one case, a key player for a prime competitor for a spot in October will miss games in a race that may be decided by a handful of games.

In the other, a key player in two World Championships for a team that was distinguished primarily for its inability to win World Championships, says his eight-year contract here was not merely "unhappy," but "misery." Writing about comments such as that on the day the statement is made is not "obsession," it's his job.

It doesn't take takes twisted logic to suggest that both stories rank high on the scale of important sport stories to Boston fans. In the case of Ramirez, the words that came out his mouth yesterday will be referred to for years. In the case of Rodriguez, the missed time could be alter ultimately alter pennant race and who ends up in the playoffs, which are similarly matters with some historic importance.

Time to reload. You couldn't be further off the mark.

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off the most about this one is Shaughnessy complaining about how boring the Sox' spring training. If he weren't so lazy, maybe he could make it more interesting for Sox fans by coming up with an original topic for a column and doing some reporting on it (a radical idea, I know). Instead, as always, he relies on ready-made stories that are already overreported and writes about them with his usual nastiness and lack of insight.

Jerry Gutlon said...

Although I often view Dan's columns as pure pap, I must admit he does make sense with this one.

It makes me wondre what planet Manny, McCourt and Boras all reside on. Certainly not planet earch.

Anonymous said...

Get With It OB!

The reporting (hard work) that should have been pursued would have been to question the timing of the “news of the day”.

Isn’t it a strange coincidence that a few days after his meeting with Major League Baseball officials to discuss “The Roids”, “The Rod” comes up limp?

If Boras was such an egomaniac exploiter wouldn’t he have known about “The Limp” and capitalized on it by dangling dreadlocks from “The Man” to Dem Yanks.

Or was there “An Agreement” to stage a transition and diffuse media frenzy leading up to a “politically” important season between the fans and The Game.

Food For Thought! Hope you like tripe.


Jerry Gutlon said...

Although I often view Dan's columns as pure pap, I must admit he does make sense with this one.

It makes me wonder what planet Manny, McCourt and Boras all reside on. Certainly not planet earth.

Dobule duh!

Mike_b1 ... e-mail me!!!

Jerry Gutlon said...

Oh, Lord...

Try "double duh."


Anonymous said...


"It makes me wonder what planet Manny, McCourt and Boras all reside on."

Here is how "The Left Coast" sees it:


“Manny is a very sophisticated guy,” McCourt said. “He’s a very bright man. But he has a lot of boy in him. He understands that, at the end of the day, this is a game. I walk around; I see people happy right now. That’s a gift.”

Reporter Diane Pucin-

“Watching Ramirez live and unfiltered, without talking heads offering oodles of analysis? That was refreshing television. Wall-to-wall analysis isn't always needed.”

Makes you think twice about the “Right Side” doesn’t it?


Dave M said...
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Dave M said...


A few comments to your words

1) This self-plagiarism is not nearly as bad as the whole "Spring training is where..."shtick from over a week ago. This one is typical Shank. That spring training one should have gotten him canned. Your asinine defense in that earlier post reveals your very flawed understanding of plagiarism

2) Do you recall the articles where Shank rails against the sports zealots and writes these tearjerker stories about high school athletes who get killed and he lectures us about "what really is important in life." But now we have Manny (warts and all) who seems to be one of these people who can't seem to understand what the passion and fuss is all about from Red Sox fans and seems to be uncomfortable being in the center of it and Shaughnessy just rails against his lack of passion? Isn't this the slightest bit ironic?

3) I wasnt arguing that Shaughnessy should not have covered the stories but his line that "it's always about the Red Sox." is just stupid. Arod having hip issues certainly has implications for the Red Sox but it also has implications for every other team in the league. So why is it "always about the Red Sox"? Its typical Shaughnessy hypebole.

4) Why is Shaughnessy even in Florida? He has written a column that that he ripped off from his book; he has written the mad libs college game article; and he writes about this stuff. Why doesnt he just go back to Boston and write from his basement - I dont see what is added by him being in Florida

Roger Bournival said...

I just came here to post the good news about the newspaper industry:

Friday evening, the guild representing most newsroom employees says Chronicle management warned it last night at least 150 of 500 editorial employees will be laid off, even if the union agrees to the newspaper's latest proposal. If they do not agree, there will be at least 225 layoffs.
The union says the Chronicle is demanding an end to seniority based layoffs, reduced sick leave, longer work weeks and the phasing out of the union pension plan.
The paper says that negotiations continue and nothing has changed since bargaining began.

Roger Bournival said...

Question: Is the Boston Globe going somewhere?

5. The Boston Globe is, based on several accounts, losing $1 million a week. One investment bank recently said the paper is worth only $20 million. The paper is the flagship of what the Globe's parent, the New York Times, calls the New England Media Group. The Times has substantial financial problems of its own. Last year, ad revenue for the New England properties was down 18%. That is likely to continue or get worse this year. Supporting larger losses at the Globe will become nearly impossible., the online site that includes the digital aspects of the Globe, will probably be all that remains of the operation.

Chris said...

The haughty elites on Bowtie Boulevard must be just seething at this story from 'Their Liberal Friends' at TIME Magazine. No mention of the Herald being in trouble. In the end, the Globe is the one that ought to go. I'm hoping for it.

Anonymous said...

I do not want the Globe to go out of business. A one paper town is a bad thing. OB's complete and utter denial of the downturn in newspapers is comical, pathetic, and frankly pisses me off to the point where I want to give him a flying wedgie, but Boston needs the Globe.

Where else would Marty Baron go to put across his dogmatic, smarter-than-thou, dipshit world-view?

Eh, OB?

Your pal,


ObjectiveBruce said...

The Boston Globe isn't going anywhere.

Perhaps some of the people so eager to turn one guy's claim that the paper is losing a million a week could chip in and buy a share of stock so they could show up at the annual meeting of the Times Company and put the question tothe chairman. Wow, I'm cracking myself up at the thought of bloggers doing actual reporting rather than ruminating on things they think they've heard.

But don't go spending any money on a long term subscription to The Herald.

By the way, Time isn't run by liberals, nobody in their right mind has ever claimed that it is, and the magazine didn't put the Globe on an endangered papers list. That list comes from a blogger who is also suggesting the demise of the personal computer.

Anonymous said...


Good point. This whole blogging/internet thing will go away in a few years.

Your pal,


Anonymous said...

The wheels on the horsecarriage go round and round.....

Roger Bournival said...

By the way, Time isn't run by liberals, nobody in their right mind has ever claimed that it is, and the magazine didn't put the Globe on an endangered papers list.

Only a lawyer can serve up bullshit like that...

Chris said...

LOL @ 'TIME isn't run by Liberals.' Brought to you by the same folks who said that Obama would 'govern from the center.' Hysterical.

Objective Bruce said...

For years, Time, Inc. was controlled by CEDE, Inc., a subsidiary of the New York Stock Exchange.

I never suggested "This whole blogging/internet thing will go away in a few years." It won't. But blogging will never replace newspapers.

Anonymous said...


I want Boston to remain a two paper town.
I want the Globe to survive. I actually don't
hate the Globe. I just wish it wasn't run by knee-jerk, reactionary, left-wing, myopic, arrogant fuckstick douchebags.


Your pal,


dbvader said...

For years, Time, Inc. was controlled by CEDE, Inc., a subsidiary of the New York Stock Exchange.

Care to explain? How does a subsidiary of the NYSE come to control a public corporation traded on the exchange?

ObjectiveBruce said...

A look at the "liberals" who controlled Time, Inc. Check the penultimate graf.

Congressional Record, October 21, 1971, Senator Lee Metcalf of Montana:

Mr. President, last week, while paging through my copy of TIME,
I noticed some familiar names in an odd place. The name was
the "nominees," "street names," or "straws" used to hide the
identity of various financial interests. I found these street
names in TIME's ownership statement, which appears on page 92 of
the magazine of October 11.

Periodical ownership statements are supposed to be published at
least once a year .....

According to the weekly news magazine, it is owned by TIME, Inc.,
of which ten stockholders each own or hold one percent or more
of the total amount of stock. .....

First on the list is Carson & Company. It's address is box 491,
Church Street Station, N.Y. 10018. ..... Carson & Company really
means Morgan Guaranty Trust.

Further down on TIME's report on its principal stockholders
appears the name Powers & Company. It has a different post office
box at the Church Street Station -- box 1479 ..... you can see
by the nominee list that it is also Morgan Guaranty Trust.

Powers & Company shares box 1479 with another of TIME's
stockholders -- Tegge & Company ..... Tegge & Company shows up in
this year's edition of the nominee list as yet another pseudonym
used by Morgan Guaranty Trust.

TIME includes among its reported stockholders Chetco, at 35
Congress St., Boston, and Ferro & Company, at the same address.
Both, according to the nominee list, are really the National
Shawmut Bank of Boston.

TIME likewise lists without further identification Pace & Company,
box 926, Pittsburgh. And who is Pace? It is really Mellon Bank
& Trust, according to the nominee list.

Another of TIME's stockholders is reported as Cede & Company,
box 20, Bowling Green Station, N.Y. Persons who follow regulatory
matters will recall that Cede & Company shows up repeatedly on
ownership reports of power companies, airlines, and railroads,
and that not long ago the Interstate Commerce Commission expressed
mild interest in finding out who controlled all those Cede & Company
shares ..... The nominee list shows that Cede & Company is the
Stock Clearing Corporation, at 44 Broad Street. I would add that
the Stock Clearing Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of
the New York Stock Exchange. .....

I leave it to the would-be
Lieblings to ferret out press ownership and its implications.