Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chat Wrap (or A Look Back at Dan Doing the Least Amount of Work in Order to Justify His Week in Arizona)

Hey Dan! Enough about Brady's foot. Enough about Moss's legal issues. Enough about girlfriends in the crowd. What is the biggest "football" issue nobody is talking about? I think the Giant's secondary -or lack thereof - is what will decide the game. Agreed?

you may be right. we don't know what the biggest football issue will be -- could be the giants running game vs. the pats old cagey linebackers. but there will be a lot of nonsense in the two weeks in between games -- none more than today at media day

Those are the words of Boston's Bravest Columnist. Basically, "I don't know." He's a columnist, he is paid to have opinions and that is what he comes up with.

I have said this before
, but I don't understand how people are smart enough to find their way into a chat and ask halfway decent football questions and yet cannot realize the futility of asking Dan anything other than what Tom Brady had for breakfast or what Belichick said at a press conference attending by scores of other media members.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this exchange:

Skybar__Guest_: Dan, I know it's still early in the week but wanted to know if there have been any sightings of former Patriots from our last 3 Super Bowl teams?

Dan_Shaughnessy: saw andre tippet last night and wished him well for hall of fame. haven't see others yet, but it's early in the week. hope grogan and the guys are around. regarding the last three teams, i have seen none of those guys, but you know troy brown will be here.

Dan: tippet and grogan are completely irrelevant to the question. Seriously, Dan, I know your knowledge is limited and you have to fill space, but try to stick to the question. The Troy Brown reference is equally stupid. Obviously he will be there, as he is still on the team. Other peopel who will obviously be there from the previous three Super Bowls: Tom Brady, Mike Vrabel, Tedy Bruschi, Matt Light, Richard Seymour, Bob Kraft, Jonathan Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Scott Pioli.

Anonymous said...

Another beauty here.

Hugh_Millen__Guest_: In the first meeting with the Giants were the Pats holding stuff back from their game plan so to not give away looks to Jax? Will the Giants see stuff they haven't seen come Sunday? Also, what effect will having Neal/Kazur be in controlling the line of scrimmage?

Dan_Shaughnessy: holding back? doubt it. that was a playoff game the pats really wanted to win

This answer from Dan is insanely unhelpful. The Giants game was a REGULAR SEASON GAME. I like how he goes on to point out that "[it] was a playoff game the Pats really wanted to win", neglecting the fact that it was a regular season game and acting like there are games (playoff or reg season) that they DON'T want to win. Please fire this man!