Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All He Needed Was A Litttle Time

Dan has a full day to write a story and it shows. This little piece comes with a point. Dan gives us the history of the Giants-Patriots rivalry, making an interesting connection between it and the Harvard-Yale rivalry.

The piece includes an interesting story about the opening night of Schaefer Stadium and the history of the Giants in New England.


oldskool138 said...

I"m sure his next column will be about the halcyon days of when the Braves were Boston's NL team. Those were the days...for those over the age of 70.

Way to stay current, Shank.

I can't wait for the uber-sarcastic "Yahoo" column that is sure to pop up before the Super Bowl.

dbvader said...

Missed this part until I read it on another website:

"The Krafts can (and will) remain jealous of the Red Sox and their Nation"

Pure BS by Dan. Has nothing to prove it and it makes no sense.

sportsreporter16 said...

I'm SO SURE Dan fondly remembers the days when Y.A. Tittle piloted the Giants. But I do recall them with certain clarity. I did love that team...and I grew up in Walpole, home of the Patriots' first QB, Butch Songin.

I'm also absolutely certain Das Shankmeister was at the first pre-season game at Schaefer. Because I was. Fran Tarkenton QBed for New York, but we beat 'em anyway. The huge traffic jam occured after the game, not before the game.

ObjectiveBruce said...

Love how Shaughnessy laughed at the mom's basement crowd (who are not only too lazy to work, but too lazy to write out complete words) with this sentence;

Tuna was on his way to becoming HC of the NYJ.

Probably went over most of their heads.

Monkeesfan said...

Hey Stupid Bruce, we all got the HC of NYJ reference. Unlike yourself, we're not stupid.

And Shank, yes there are Patriots fans who would have liked to smash Favre in a Superbowl rematch or smash the Chicago Bears in a Superbowl rematch; most fans, though, wouldn't care who the Patriots face in the Superbowl.

Anonymous said...

Hey,didn't Bill "Che" Reynolds of the ProJo write about this very topic (i.e., Giants once ruled N.E.) in his column last Monday? Way to go, CHB!

Dave M said...


What are you talking about? That is not a shot at the basement crowd...that's a reference to Belichick's cryptic resignation note.

Speaking of OB...This article sounded very OB like - similar to your discussion/theory of the Knicks crowds at Celtics games in the 1970s a while back. Further proof OB=CHB?

Dave M

oldskool138 said...

RE: "And Shank, yes there are Patriots fans who would have liked to smash Favre in a Superbowl rematch"

Count me as one of those fans who wanted Lord Favre in Super Bowl XLII for a bit of revenge. But, I'm not disappointed that Green Bay isn't in it. The Pats are there and that's all that really matters.

Oh and I got the HC of the NYJ reference. It's the esoteric trivia from the 50's and 60's (and earlier) that I don't get nor have the inclination to look up because it has no bearing about what's going on in the Boston sports scene.