Monday, January 21, 2008

Dan Has Got Something to Tell You

People accuse Dan of being lazy, holding grudges, and displaying faulty logic. But most recognize that Dan can write well, regardless of the underlying sentiment or point. Today's column made me rethink that belief.

The Globe Sports' featured columnist (I cannot believe it either) begins the column with a series of one-, two-, or three-sentence paragraphs. Dan uses the word "history" six times in the first half of his column. A terrible, boring read, repeating the same thought over and over. The Patriots are close to perfection and making history, we all know that Dan. One of the most momentous occasions in Boston sports' history is celebrated with this bland recap. Why does the Globe do this to us?


Jonny Jaha said...

Only Shank would throw in a gratuitous reference to the 1927 Yankees. They didn't actually have the best regular season winning percentage, but never mind.

Anonymous said...

I love this crap: "The Patriots belong to the world now." Shank has no idea of the world outside of I-95 or Yankee Stadium. No wonder he won't cover the Beijing Olympics.

I lose more respect for the Globe sports editors every day when they have Shank have the lead story every time there's a front-page story. Pathetic.

sportsreporter16 said...

The Globe editors must be asleep. The "1996-97 Super Bowl" WASN'T Super Bowl XXI (21!!!). I also love the gratuitous analogy to Willis Reed.

Monkeesfan said...

Gee Shank, I didn't know the Patriots could finish this season undefeated. I didn't know the head coach was "ever-stoic." Thank you so much for your keen command of the obvious.

Chris said...

Being an 'old-school' columnist in an 'old-school' industry and taking direct volleys and broadsides from the 'new-school' media is making Shaughnessy very cantankerous. It shows in his haughty, elite, and condescending tone, which is a hallmark of all writers at the Globe. For the live of my, I can't figure out why they just didn't build the Morrissey Blvd headquarters out of ivory and make it in the shape of a tower.