Friday, January 25, 2008

Dan Writes About His Crush

Dan loves talking about Tom Brady. Dan plays it cute, though. He mocks the New York media coverage of Brady, but it shows through that Dan really is interested in knowing what Brady ate during his stay in New York. Dan, what did you tell us about holding up athletes as heroes?


paul said...

"He wasn't spotted at Gillette and neither were the birds (as you probably know, birds suddenly appear every time Tom is near. They long to be close to him)."

Wow...just wow. That wasn't forced or anything. I know he's being snarky (when is he not?) but that was painful to read.

There is nothing worse than unfunny comedy.

Monkeesfan said...

This is rich - Shank is trying to outlove Pete & The Pompoms, Gayle & Laura, and everyone else who lusts after Tom Brady. And Shank always presents himself as some kind of intellectual.

dbvader said...

If I have time, I will go back and do a retrospective of Dan's Brady columns. I remember them as the most fawning pieces of writing I have ever read in the Globe.

Chris said...

I wonder what four-star hotel in Scottsdale Shaughnessy will be holed up in while hundreds of his co-workers get pink slips? And isn't it rather curious that Shaughnessy gets sent out there when every person of the Patriots' organization hates him and won't speak to him? It's blatantly obvious that every 'quote' Shaughnessy picks up from anyone in the Patriots' organization is from a pool appearance rather than a one-on-one interview...which no one would grant him anyway.

Pink slips on Morrissey Boulevard while Shaughnessy sips drinks with little pink umbrellas in Arizona. I'm sure that will endear him to whoever's left at Das Globe.

Anonymous said...

Eli Manning is a "legitimate country goober"? I would say that growing up in the city of New Orleans makes you anything but a "country goober".

Shank just loves to stereotype people.

Roger Bournival said...

birds suddenly appear every time Tom is near.

Oh my god - you guys know he's quoting 'The Carpenters' lyrics, right? What's next?

"Sweet Tom Brady - da da daaa!"

"He's a Brady; whoa, whoa, whoa, he's a Brady!"

Come on, Dan - six days to quote Wayne Newton & Robert Goulet!

Monkeesfan said...

Shank, at least quote some good song lyrics if you're going to quote song lyrics. Maybe Jackie McMullan can pick up the slack -

"Brady looked at me, and the emptiness in my eyes was cruel to see. He turned away and I said, 'once I loved but love it dead.' And he said, "Sometiomes love is only sleeping."